Electric smart meters

Monitor and control  electrical consumption in pitchs, bungalows, moorings, etc. Turn a variable expense into added value and fight costs off.

Easiest way to keep electricity under control

Control pitch by pitch the behavior of the electrical supply (amps, kWh, schedules, etc.) in the easiest and most intuitive way. Forget about complex technical details.

All power supply details at a glance

Control the electrical supply of all your facilities and detect any anomalies, excessive consumption, fraud, etc. at a glance.


Digital meters

Ffrom various manufacturers with different power ratings and sizes to adapt to the available space in the cabinet. There are also three-phase meters for installations such as swimming pools, central heater, restaurant, etc.


Powernet-Camping  can be integrated into existing PMS  at no additional cost from our side. We can customize to your particular needs.

Live data

Live view your electricity consumption and detect anomalies or any other event.


Cloud based, you can use it anywhere and with any device (computer, tablet, mobile).

Reliable data transmission

We do not use WIFI (coverage problems and interference with clients) nor PLC (affected by streetlights, motors, sockets, etc.). We use LoraWAN radio transmission.

Avoid fraud

Connect the pitch supply from reception only when there is a customer. Set amperage and power limits to avoid unexpected costs. Schedule outlet disconnections to avoid human error.


Allow the customer to monitor their consumption and let them purchase additional energy online.

Full service

Service includes unlimited assistance and replacement of faulty equipment at no additional cost.

New revenue source

Since electricity is no longer free and unlimited, customers are looking for more efficient alternatives like gas bottles.

Additional information

For more detailed information on the service, download the brochure (Spanish only at the moment)

Seize the opportunity to clean up your cabinet 

Equipments takes up little space but if it does not fit in your cabinet we will help you in the search for a solution.

Robust equipment

We work with meters from several recognized manufacturers. We offer unlimited warranty during the term of the contract.

We have been in these events

Powernet-Camping have been presented at

Congreso campingred 2022

La Puebla de Castro, Huesca.

Congreso campingred 2023

Carchuna, Granada.

Federación Española de Campings 2022


Jornadas profesionales del camping 2023





Managed pitchs


Managed KWh


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